• Giorgio (George Hilton) has no clue what he's going to do with his bitchy nagging, yet wealthy wife. One night while on a pay phone in a remote section of town, he spies someone trying to dispose of a dead body, not believing his good luck he walks over to tell the murderer (Antoine Saint-John, still awhile away from his best role in Lucio Fulci's "The Beyond") to kill again, namely his wife Norma, or he'll go to the police with what he had just witnessed, throwing in 20 thousand dollars cash to sweeten the deal. The killer is able to hold his end off the bargain but then the car that the now deceased body is in is promptly stolen leading to a frantic chase between the killer and carjackers, while Giorgio deals with the police who think they're dealing with a kidnapping.This being a Luigi Cozzi directed film, I was sincerely surprised how competent and generally good it was. I mean sure, I enjoyed his later "Contamination", but that wasn't for the competence in that film, as their was none. This film, however, isn't just competent, it's actually a fairly solid cat and mouse chase story. And deserves too be more well known, hell I'd settle for known at all. If you can overlook a few plot holes, it's a solid effort.

    My Grade: B

    Eye Candy: Teresa Velázquezas Norma shows her right tit; Femi Benussi as a Dizzy Blone goes full frontal; and Cristina Galbó gets topless

    DVD Extras: Commentary with Director Luigi Cozzi and Author Pete Tombs; 3 Featurettes (Road to the Killer, Working with Argento, & the Giallo Genre); Original title sequence; Stills gallery; Theatrical Trailer; and a compilation trailer for other Mondo Macabro released films (featuring nudity)