• 65 minutes of pure perfection in 10 shots. An ode to the divine beauty and charm of Camille Berthomier who acts sensually and tragically throughout this reverie. Nothing is left apart here and Civeyrac creates a unique atmosphere with music (John Cage - songs sung by the lead actress), light (the bodies exposed to darkness and light at different), sound and choreography [(Civeyrac's sensibility to movement and harmony of bodies and movement of the camera being linked to the fact he has lived with a choreographer for 5 years) that gets its roots in the best of Truffaut (the literary process of the film, the fascination with women and love), Bresson (the purity of each shot, each emotion), Godard (Camille Berthomier being his muse, his Anna Karina). The best film shown at the New York Film Festival 2005 and certainly one of the very best films of 2005.