• Warning: Spoilers
    Many of you complained that there is no reason behind his violence. This is because there is no personal attachment between the protagonist and mass audiences. Personal attachment is beyond cinematography, storyline, or even the acting skills. To me, i was feeling watching myself, i had tears dropping in two scenes: he washed for his wife after she had the brain surgery, he could not stand up after his leg was half paralyzed. Same sad feeling emerged when i was watching when Derek's mother Jew boyfriend questioned Derek: ' What are you doing Derek, this is your family.' (American History x)

    Sometimes, u need reason to justify violence outburst of behavior in films, sometimes you don't, for example, why did Leather face kill people? Why did the gangster in Gangster no 1 being so violence? Why did Tommy DE Vito shoot the poor waiter on the foot, then in the stomach three times later on? The reasons were there, but it is not necessary to explain clearly. Regular audiences need reasons for violence to feel better about rampage. It's enough for me to know that Tommy DE Vito, the gangster, Niki Santora, leather face had the ability to kill in any necessary situations according to their standard. This case is the same, he will never change, even when he was crippled, walking with a crane, he still wanted to execute violence, because it's in his blood, he has no emotional control ever when being disrespected. Renoir, the director of Grand Illusion stated that ' Evertbody has his/her reason.' Which indicated that the reason is not necessary to be explained in films, it's enough to know that every one has a reason for pattern of behavior.

    In the end, he managed to donate a large sum of finance to the Korean government. And it was used to build schools, hospitals, and aided million plus citizens. Although he did mentally and physically destroy his own family. But he is still a hero to me. I am not saying that what he did was right, but a perfect hero only appears in a Cinderala man. Another reason for his violence in the film is the reflection of the Korean society culture of lowing the self esteem of women back in the days. Anyway, i wish you can admire the film in another perception, it is really a rare masterpiece.