• Iwai argumented that we should see it twice, but I don't see that happening. Its not a bad movie, but its not good either. Hana and Arisu are best friends, but when Hana is stalking a boy they both are in love with and tells him after he hits his head that he has had amnesia and she is his girlfriend, Hana and Arisu has no longer much time for each other.

    The story has too many elements that lead nowhere, without having much to say and that also goes for the relationship between Hana and the boy. And Hana is overacting her mimics to compensate for talent. That is a bit annoying.

    Some peculiarities brighten it up, like for instance a wonderful sequence with an argument in front of some windows where a big Astroman balloon is knocking on the windows.

    I have not given up on Iwai yet.