• Warning: Spoilers
    this show is one of the stupidest shows i have ever seen. besides the heinous line-up which UPN holds, this one is the most vile. like that All of Us it is pointless. the UPN shows try to portray the black middle-class but instead merely make senseless humor that has little to do with African-Americans PERIOD. Unlike the Cosby Show which was a blueprint for the future description of a black middle-class family(i.e. the Fresh Prince and My Wife and Kids) these shows fail to grasp the Afro-American experience and culture. whereas Cosby, fresh prince and my wife and kids SHOWED and didn't TELL of Black Family Unity, this show as well of All of Us is shows foolish baby-mama drama and the disrespect black men would have for they're child's mother. Cosby, exemplified the sophisticated black middle-class, with witty humor, exemplary fatherhood and taught his children respect for jazz, blues and the like. this show is more about a frivolous child whom tries her father's patience. to say the least the father is not that good, or well played. the child is snappish something which even when will smith joked, he always knew his limits.

    my conclusion if you ever see this show on you can either

    1) change the channel

    2) turn off the TV and run as far away from the TV as possible


    3) watch the worst programs of the UnderPaid Negro channel