• When I saw the first trailer, I knew Zorro was going to be in trouble. It was clear his enemies were hiding behind the cameras. If only there had been a Tornado to blow away those enemies.

    I really want to say, "go see this movie if you only want to see some adventure, any adventure" but I can't. Yes there is some adventure. It was fun to watch Zorro do his job. But I found myself wanting to get pleasing scenes back that were yanked away by converting serious moments into scene-killing comic relief. One touching, romantic scene was making me feel all soft and warm, when all of a sudden, the two adults became more like Homer and Marge Simpson. Sorry Homer and Marge, I still love you. There were too many mundane morphing scenes. As a result the movie became the same. It showed promise at various points only to become something less. I think the film makers believed they were adding comic relief but instead came up with comic distress.

    This is not a movie for the seasoned Zorro fan or the fan who still craves swashbuckling, romance, thrills on the big screen and comedy between scenes(as opposed to adding comedy to serious moments in a scene).

    Nick Chinlund, Banderas, Catherine Zeta Jones and Alonso did their jobs well, considering what they were given. Tornado is a beautiful horse but he should stick to his day job and avoid being a comic or a sidekick(straight-horse as it were).

    Still, I give it a fair 6 out of 10.