• Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this movie at the Milwaukee International Film Festival this past Thursday night, and brought my entire Art Club to watch it as well...and they all enjoyed it! I wish I had been able to stay & chat with the director at Von Trier's beer garden after the show, but anyways...

    THIS MOVIE IS COMEDY GOLD. It is *every bit* as funny as SPINAL TAP and possibly even funnier than BEST IN SHOW or A MIGHTY WIND (other great mockumentaries) because most college students are familiar with this kind of curriculum--eccentric teachers, ridiculous assignments, and the great interpersonal tensions and friendships that you can get in situations like this.

    Everyone's favorite character (and mini-movie) was Delvaux/Delvo, and his film "Il S'Appelle Phillippe." I loved *all* the mini-movies, though--this entire movie was filled with detail and humor, so much so that I thought it was a real documentary for the first half of the film.

    WATCH THIS MOVIE IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE! and *please* release it on DVD!