• Warning: Spoilers
    My husband accidentally picked up this movie instead of the "Hide and Seek" starring Robert DeNiro.

    We both enjoy thrillers, suspense and horror movies and the description of the movie sounded pretty good.

    It started off pretty well and had some promise but we were disappointed in the ending.

    There were a few things that didn't make sense.

    We didn't understand why the husband would call the fertility clinic to talk to the guy who worked there (who happened to be the kidnapper) to ask if he can remember anything about their visit there that might help him figure out what happened to her.

    Just didn't seem to make much sense to us!

    The kidnappers first lead Darryl Hannah's character into believing the egg used was the kidnapper's wife then later the kidnapper says it wasn't his wife's egg.

    Later on, the kidnapper wants to do an amniocentesis test - at that point we thought "oh oh, it's his sperm and he's worried the baby will have the genetic lobster hands and feet".

    What would have been a better ending would have been the baby being born and having the lobster hands and feet ... meaning the kidnapper's sperm had been used to artificially inseminate Darryl Hannah's character.

    If anything the movie was humorous ... at least Jennifer Tilly brought that to the movie. She's always kinda funny and quirky in most movies she's in. So if you're a Jennifer Tilly fan, this one is for you.