• There is no other movie like Blood Sucking Freaks. Nothing similar. Even when it looks as the typical exploitation film, this is a completely different film. Probably we'll never know if this were the exact intentions of director Joel M. Reed, but conscious or not, he crafted a film that makes the viewer question his/her own morality, and sanity! The "main" plot is simple. Seamus O'Brien plays Sardu, a mysterious man who runs a small theater where he kills a young woman in front of the audience who believes it's all part of the play. The murders(almost always gruesome) are performed by Sardu's assistant, Ralphus(played by Luis De Jesus), who is as depraved as his master. However, this business is not Sardu's main source of income, he trades with young women he picks up and sells them to perverted rich people all over the world. One night, in the audience appears Creasy Silo, a recognized critic, and also Natasha, a famous ballet ballerina. These people caught Sardu's attention and he kidnaps them.

    In Sardu's lair, Silo is tortured because Sardu hates him and Natasha is tortured because Sardu loves her and wants to make a show only for her and with her as main star. Surprised? it's only the beginning.

    As expected of 70's B-movies, the acting is painfully bad, nevertheless, the main stars, Seamus O'Brien and Luis De Jesus do have very good scenes, a good chemistry, and O'Brien shines among the whole cast. It's a shame that he was killed after this and truncated a promising career in the horror genre.

    There's plenty of nudity and gore, and even when the SFX are bad, the intention is clear: to shock, disgust, and amaze at the same time. And it succeeds. That's the magic of this movie. It puts the audience in the uneasy situation of being in the side of the monster, of the depraved. The "victims": the critic, the dancer, her boyfriend & the detective hired to find them, all of them are presented in a way that deserve our despise, none of them are likable characters and in contrast, no matter how horrid their crimes are, Sardu and Ralphus have a certain charm that it's hard to not like them, even when they are obviously the psychos of the movie.

    This situation makes the audience feel disgusted, and that's Reed intention. We turn into partners in crime with Sardu & co, because it's impossible to root for the victims.

    This movie is not for everyone, with all it's cheesiness, it requires some grade of maturity to understand the joke. This is a comedy people! Comedy at it's darkest & sickest form.

    I rate it a 7/10 in terms of film-making, but an amazing 10/10 because it's interesting, creative, and even when people don't want to accept it. It's fun. We all are depraved.