• Warning: Spoilers
    Charlie Simms (a very young Chris O'Donnell in one of his first movies) is a young student of a very famous and conservative school named Bart. Different from his classmates, Charlie is not rich and only studies at the Bart because he won a scholarship;besides that, he needs to work to have some money to visit his parents. In ThanksGiving holiday he decides to work as a 'boysitter' of the coronel Frank Slade,a bitter and rough man who stayed blind when he was in camp. ( That's the reason of his bitterness)Charlie has many problems with Frank's personality,but needing to have 300 bucks as quick as possible, he decides to take care of the blind man. What happens is a nice travel to New York, where both Charlie and the coronel are going to know each other better and learn about their own weaknesses. The end of this movie, when the coronel is helping Charlie with some discussions and problems at School, is one of the most exciting scenes already watched in a movie !:)