• Warning: Spoilers
    Alas, I have to disagree with the only other poster's academic quasi socio-economic reading and declare this a disappointment. On the other hand knowing that Ken Loach was one of the three directors involved I was prepared to be clubbed over the head with his Left-Wing fanaticism and I also knew that Valeria Bruni Tedeschi - my main, if not only, reason for seeing the movie was in the first segment so I reasoned I could always walk out if I started gagging on Loach's preaching. As it is I stayed for all three segments and although the best thing for me was the close ups of Bruni Tedeschi's lovely face the other two segments though labored weren't too hard to take. I can't see this one generating much revenue apart from the Rent-A-Pseuds among whom Iranian movies are currently flavor of the month.