• Warning: Spoilers
    There is no such word in this universe to describe how deeply this movie sucks. the plot is a complete ripoff taken from different sources, among those "equlibrium". the start of the movie fails to captivate their audience, and even though i made an effort to pay attention, through the film I was struck more and more by this movie's failure as the movie involved. It can not be blamed at the actors as there are several or at least.........a couple of good actors in this movie. any actor with integrity would never make a movie of this standard, I'm sure my brother by the age of two could direct the movie better.

    seriously, this director sucks. an example of this is perhaps.......where to start?........the scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger, trinity and bold undead guy comes quite "entuistically"(yeah right) into the room and makes an breathtaking performance shooting with maybe 1 shot a second while the sound is set at 6 shots.........and the people "dying"???? it looks like their simply taking cover in their beds.........but no folks.......this is people being brutally shot.......

    I could go on forever but I will suffice to mention just one other..... you know the end where the real main guy shots the three guards protecting the ULTIMATE EVIL. well that scene could not be directed worse. and you know in the Fancy shoot-down you'll see two of the three guards fall when two seconds later, one of them is magically on his feet again only to fall another time...... I think I've proved my point..... I watched this movie basically because Stephen Baldwin was in it as presumably the main character on the front and all. but No,,, in the actual movie he ain't got nothing but a small bi-role Crap...crap...Waste of time.:::