• Sorry, dim-witted or not, Lewis' character knew right from wrong. She knew that she had been treated wrongly, yet she murdered in cold blood. I had no sympathy for anybody in the story. Michael O'Keefe had sex with a minor, even though he had children himself. If anyone had touched HIS kids in a sexual way, he would have wanted to kill them, yet he allowed his personal sexual needs to take advantage of a teen girl.

    I don't believe in the death penalty, so the Brad Pitt character and the Lewis' Amanda deserve to rot in jail for the rest of their lives. People know right from wrong and both of these idiots are no exception.

    All this nonsense about "she's just a teenager and she was abused by her mother" crap is just an excuse. I was inappropriately approached by grown men when I was a teen, but I knew NOT to do what they wanted me to do.

    As played, Lewis didn't always seem so dim-witted. She made a lot of sense and didn't seem retarded. Pitt was just a user -- a complete looser -- we've seen his type in lots of other films. It always amazes me how stupid girls and women can be. So desperate for the love and approval of men, they'll do ANYTHING, sometimes even helping a lover to murder their own parents or relatives.

    Too bad they are raised from the beginning to depend on males, instead of being self-reliant. When women sit back and allow men to pay for everything, they loose their EQUALITY and give all power to men. Big mistake.