• Warning: Spoilers
    Once again, Juan Piquer Simon fires on all cylinders and delivers "Pieces", a gleefully gory slasher that is everything utter crap like Troma's "Splatter University" pretends to be but isn't. The difference is, Troma's rubbish -- with the exception of "Combat Shock and Mother's Day" -- is boring, this is certainly not. I adore the shot of the shabbily assembled corpse tumbling from the closet. I love the graphic stabbings and axe murders, the crazy psychological motivation behind the killer's blood-stained antics (the childhood destruction of one of his porno treasures), and, of course, the chainsawing of various limbs. Sure the acting is average, but Paul Smith is still great as Willard and Christopher George lends some authority to proceedings. Immensely entertaining and unapologetically mean and nasty.