• This is available on a double feature Eastwest DVD with Rebane's best film, ALPHA INCIDENT, and that's probably as far as anyone needs to go in collecting his work. Unless you want the Giant Spider Invasion for historical or sentimental reasons, for it was the drive-in success of that one that allowed him to do the other two. There's corny 70s sappiness, but no more than Harry & the Hendersons. He uses much of the same decent cast from ALPHA, and they make a good effort here as well. The Bigfoot creatures are almost well-done enough to pass, but still just not quite removed from the "man in the suit" effect. Very close though, and a nice effort on a dime budget. Story meanders around too much, but the cast keeps coming up with nice touches to allow forgiveness of the slack times. Nice to see a film shot in winter with plenty of snow, and people actually hustling around in it. For sure, that is not easy, even for a Hollywood production with all the amenities. Yes, the wardrobe was provided by K-mart, but that's what the budget was, and anyway that's what folks there would have worn. Those of you who laugh at Rebane, well, he went out and did things rather than sit back and watch. A sort of Ed Wood of the Midwest.