• What's the one story-element all the Italian gialli-films have in common and should therefore almost be considered as one of the basic trademarks of this wonderful horror sub genre? Well, nearly all gialli, from Mario Bava over Sergio Martino to Dario Argento, introduce a horrifying killer (preferably wearing black gloves) whose identity remains hidden throughout many plot twists and only gets revealed during an incredible climax. Actually, the guessing game for this killer's identity is pretty much the whole point of the sub genre! The script of Luigi Cozzi's "The Killer Must Kill Again" is quite unique and does the complete opposite, but that surely doesn't make it any less of a brilliant full-blooded Italian giallo! We know who the killer is and what he looks like even before the credits come onto screen and rightly so, because Michel Antoine's face is far too creepy to hide behind masks or veils. He plays a serial killer who's caught red-handed by sneaky businessman Giorgio Mainard whilst disposing of a dead girl's body. The two gentlemen make a deal and Giorgio hires the killer to get rid of his wealthy wife Norma. While covering up the tracks, however, a couple of young thugs steal the Mercedes with Norma's body in the trunk! During his search for the lost corpse, our killer's thoughts only get more sadistic… If feels weird to see a giallo with such a logical and straightforward storyline, but the atmosphere is equally tense and there's never a dull moment that undercuts the fast pace. What "The Killer Must Kill Again" lacks in surprise and plot twists, it makes up in style elements and originality. Ricardo Pallottini's camera-work is truly imaginative (I particularly liked the cartoon-like fade ins and fade outs) and the extended chase is full of ingenious and entertaining moments. The music is also great and there's a reasonable amount of lovely sleazy, mainly provided by Femi Benussi who's never ashamed to show her ravishing flesh. Disappointing and/or negative elements definitely include the shortage of blood and violence and arguably a glut of "coincidences" during the chase. Michael Antoine is really amazing as the killer, with grimaces and an aura of nihilism that genuinely petrifies you. Giallo-regular George Hilton ("The Case of the Bloody Iris", "My Dear Killer"…) is on autopilot for his familiar role of adulterous macho whereas the cute Christine Galbo gives away her second best performance ever, right after "What have you done to Solange". You may not fully get what you expect, but this is a seriously good giallo! Briefly put; "The Killer Must Kill Again" is a movie I must see again…and again, and again.