• Warning: Spoilers
    We all had teachers who inspired us. Those who made us think and those who showed us acts of kindness. They were strict but memorable as is the case with 1955's Good Morning, Miss Dove.

    A small-town teacher who devoted her life to the education of children, Jennifer Jones turned in an absolutely brilliant performance in the title role.

    Of course, the town is unaware of Miss Dove's secret. As president of the bank, her father embezzled funds. To avoid a scandal when the father dies suddenly, Dove becomes a teacher to pay off the debt. Not only does she educate children in a stern way, her relationship with the town is memorable. Her saving of the town bank during a run on it, and her never ending criticism of people annoys many, but it is realized that she has done such good.

    When she falls ill with a tumor at the base of the spine, the town is in crisis. A former student, played by Robert Stack, operates.

    The effective use of flash-back is well used in this picture. It shows the life of the teacher and the effects she had on this town. The cop who adores her, her nurse who idolizes her, a Broadway playwright, who she guided when he was fresh out of Poland,and a former student, Freddie Makepiece, a jailbird, brings comic relief as well.

    Miss Dove deserved to be honored as teacher of the year in my book. The film deserves an accolade as well. The film is so good because it depicts what schools are supposed to be. To provide religious understanding and tolerance, our heroine brings her class to a Friday eve Jewish Sabbath meal. s This fine film is a testament to inculcating our value system. Jennifer Jones was absolutely superb here in her treatment of the beloved, strict but understanding Dove. In 1955, the same year this great film was made, Jennifer Jones was Oscar nominated for "Love is A Many Splendored Thing," she should have been nominated for 'Dove' instead. The picture must also be valued for the cohesiveness among the people of the town. What fine support Jones received. Robert Stack is wonderful as the doctor, her former student, who operates on her; as well as Peggy Knudsen, a fine practical nurse who adores her and at the same time harbors a secret; Chuck Connors, as the police officer, who Dove helped mold despite his poor background, only to reject Knudsen when he discovers her secret. Kipp Hamilton co-stars as the future wife of Stack, upset by a horrible experience she had, openly pours out her heart to Dove, in a very-well acted scene. Under the fine direction of Henry Koster, Miss Dove succeeds because it's a slice out of Americana.