• Warning: Spoilers
    Woody Allen made a musical comedy with some romance in 1996.The movie's called Everyone Says I Love You and it tells about the Dandridge family living in New York.Alan Alda is the father Bob, Goldie Hawn is the mother Steffi, Lukas Haas is the son Scott, the daughters are Laura (Natalie Portman), Lane (Gaby Hoffman), Skylar (Drew Barrymore), stepdaughter D.J (Natasha Lyonne)and Patrick Cranshaw is the grandpa.Allen plays the neurotic ex-husband Joe Berlin, who has no luck in love.He becomes, at least for a while, a man of the dreams for Von(Julia Roberts).Edward Norton plays Holden Spence, who wants to marry Skylar.The happiness breaks for short amount of time, when Skylar is introduced to ex-jailbird Charles Ferry (Tim Roth).The movie goes from N.Y to Venice and Paris.All great places, too bad I've never been to any one of them.All of the actors do terrific job in the movie.The music is wonderful.Not only by the great violin player Itzhak Perlman, who's also seen in the movie, but the actors show us some great skills in singing.This movie has been made like the old musicals were made, where actors would start singing all of the sudden.That's just great, gives the old times' kind of feeling.That's not something you can see in movies these days, but ten years ago Woody brought back that world, that magical world with lovely tunes.I guess you can expect anything from Woody.