• You always see these stupid movies with idiotic plots but wonderful production value. What's the deal? Executive Target is on par with any shoot em up action flick Hollywood has released and if that's all you care about then please check out this one, you'll love it. Yet with all the great stunts and sets and even a fairly adept cast, this script must have been written by some guy while taking a bath. From the outlandish set up to the ending that resembles a James Bond film, scratch that, Austin Powers flick, it's just 90 minuets of stupid.

    How's this for an idea. The producer who makes these flicks and has all these guns and tanks and helicopters laying around should host the next project green light. Find some fresh out of high school action fanatic who has a great idea and let them just run amok. While I do enjoy its simplicity, imagine what Reservior Dogs would have looked like if Tarentino had all this fun stuff to play with on his first film? What a waste.