• Warning: Spoilers
    Nobel prizes notwithstanding I think Harold Pinter's screenplay for this movie is pretty lame, or maybe it's the director's fault. They don't know how to play it, it's neither enjoyable make-believe like the James Bond movies, nor is it played for real like "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold." As a consequence I was left in some never-never land and always felt I was watching actors in a movie and never got involved. The love interest between Quiller and Inge (Senta Berger) developed with no foundation. The plot holes are many. For example, when the neo-Nazi goons are sticking to Quiller like fly paper, wasn't he suspicious when they did not follow him into his hotel? I had to resist the temptation to fast forward on several occasions.

    The highlight was Alec Guinness who is always a joy to watch. But his appearances here are short. Max von Sydow, having escaped from the Swedish darkness of "Winter Light" only a few years before, has been transplanted to Berlin to play a neo-Nazi ringleader here. His performance is credible, but I think he was doing it for the money. George Segal plays Quiller with a goofiness and lack of sincerity that put me off. The best thing I can say about Senta Berger's performance is that she is a beautiful woman.

    The Berlin location shots are interesting.