• The first review of this film here accurately relates the juiciness of this freaky film. However, it's so much more. Fans of John Waters will eat this up! From the rockin soundtrack to the bitchy cardboard characters. The 5 minute sidetrek in the early part of the film is this bizarre mondo exploration of the ancient art of hypnotism and firewalking and glass rolling. What this has to do with the film is abstract at best, but it somehow justifies the hypnosis that this poor girl is about to undergo. It's really just an excuse to see some saucy T&A, and some freaky primitive cultures.

    One of my favorite characters is Vicky's mother. She is a tight, bun-in-hair pulled back bitch. In a grey suit jacket and skirt, she's manipulative and robotic. She also speaks about herself in the third person "mother think you should get some rest..."

    Vicky's hypno sessions are a perfect excuse for some birds-eye overhead shots lingering on her heaving cleavage.

    The person who turned me on to Ron and June Ormond films (Monster and the Stripper is another work hunting for), told me they went on to produce televangelist films and videos. Classic.