• Overview: Plot: Great Characters: Great Music: Good Animation: Fair Overview: The Film "Happily Ever After," to me, is, indeed, cheaply animated with some annoying voices, but I think the plot is enticing and the characters are very interesting, especially the Seven "Dwarfelles," the Cousins to the Seven Dwarfs. Also, there is a very interesting variation of "Mother Nature," voiced by the one and only Phyllis Diller. The song she sings is a the most enjoyable song in the movie, same with the catchy, poppy tune"Thunderella's Song," sung by Thunderella, the youngest dwarfelle, voiced by Tracey Ullman.

    Basic Plot: In this Sequel to the original film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," Snow White (Voiced by Irene Cara of "Fame") is to be married to the Prince, but Lord Mallis (Voiced by Malcom McDowell of "Caligula"), the Evil Queen's brother, in revenge of his beloved sister's death, kidnaps the prince, but Snow White flees to the Dwarfs' Cottage only to find that the Seven Dwarfelles, their cousins, live there. When they are about to have their natural powers stripped away by Mother Nature, Lord Mallis attacks them and They are on a quest to save the prince...but will that creature lurking in the shadows be able to help them? It's not a very long film, but it's very engaging.

    Benifits: Irene Cara sings the end theme, "Love is the Reason." It's a great song.

    Flaws: A bit on the annoying side.

    I give it an 8/10. 2 stars for the animation and the other 6 for the plot, therefore is 8 stars.