• This is without doubt the most boring film I have ever seen. It is nothing but an attempt at religious indoctrination which fails miserably as far as I am concerned and, I suspect, judging by the number of 1 votes that this film has received, that I am far from being alone in this respect. It is all just sickeningly goody goody and makes Plan 9 from Outer Space look interesting, exciting, realistic and relevant. There is no way in which this film is going to appeal to anybody other than the commercially and publicly religious. Any real Christian is going to be horrified at the public washing of their ideals in public - all the film does is to emulate the brainwashing that it purports to abhor. If this holier than thou attitude is how Christians see themselves (and believe me, most of those I know do not, I am pleased to say) then it would be the most hypocritical of religions - and most religious fanatics are hypocritical in the extreme. This is a tremendously bad advertisement for Christianity, will make no converts and will even lose it a lot of friends.