• This is a very well-done thriller. A bit bloodier and nastier than Hitchcock's work, but very close in tone and production value. In fact, the editing was very precise, apparently tightly storyboarded, which was Hitchcock's method.

    The locations are few but perfect. The "ugly yellow house" described in another review was actually very cool; the yellow walls appear to be painted with expensive Dutch enamel. Typical bold and imaginative Italian design.

    The costumes are subtle, simple, but equally effective. Cristina Galdo in her soft jeans and innocent blouse is an incredibly alluring and convincing virgin. Michel Antoine, the killer, is tall and angular, with a James Woodsian countenance, cool and sinister in chic black pants and turtleneck.

    The DVD is nicely done. Great sound and picture, and extras worth checking out.

    If you like thrillers, definitely go for this one. Even if you have a hard time with foreign films, you will find this one palatable, with very smooth dubbing, an attractive and capable cast, and a solid, unpredictable storyline, delivered by a master director.