• STAR RATING: ***** The Works **** Just Misses the Mark *** That Little Bit In Between ** Lagging Behind * The Pits

    Patrick Stewart plays Ian Hood, a government scientist and top man who really gets a good glimpse at what those with power and knowledge get up to behind our backs. Each week, an episode deals with a scenario (e.g. cloning, miracle cures, virus outbreaks) where he must battle against the odds to give the public the protection they deserve.

    Although he never really broke through the ranks as a top Hollywood star, Stewart does indeed remain one of the most notable actors we've ever produced and it is good to see him back on our screens. And indeed, he's well cast in this series, in fact it's almost as if the role was especially written for him.

    Basically, this is one of those shows which will enthrall some and really put some others off. It's one for those who like to sit down, pay attention to everything that's going on and really enjoy the rewards that pay off from using your brain. It's one of those roles Stewart likes to accept, and fans of his work will easily warm to him in it. Others might find it all a bit too serious and brainy. There are attempts at humour here and there, but they're rather fluttered and not really played out that greatly.

    Another problem I had with the show was the lighting and use of camera. The lighting is a little too grainy and the camera is too much of a close up shot throughout and this did detract from my enjoyment of it.

    So, if you see any episodes, you should know what to expect. If you do, you'll probably enjoy it, if you don't, you probably didn't have much business seeing it to begin with. ***