• Warning: Spoilers
    I can't believe this movie is still not available on DVD. It's one of my favorite comedy movies ever.

    The three brothers are fantastic in this movie: Patrick Dempsey (Can't Buy Me Love), Arye Gross (Soulman) and Daniel Stern (Home Alone. The youngest brother (Dempsey) is the wildest and reminds us all who we were or wanted to be at that age. The middle brother (Gross)is the wise one, with a lovely girlfriend and a college degree. The oldest brother (Stern) is the tough and stronger brother with a lot off discipline. They don't get along but because their dad tells them to, they have to drive a Coupe De Ville from Detroit to Florida together. During the road-trip to Florida they're getting to know each other and find out what brotherly-love means. And an impressive supporting-role by Joseph Bologna.