• Warning: Spoilers
    First of all, I must admit that "The Cutting Edge" is one of my most favorite movies ever. Therefore, my disappointment of "Going For The Gold" might be a result of too high expectations, but still... I'm not happy with what I just saw. Anyway, first things first.

    Perhaps I should start with the performance of the two leading characters. Sadly, Joey Paul has done quite a terrible job with the casting. It was almost a nightmare to watch the uninspired and unconvincing Christy Romano, who played as if she didn't really understand the part. Yes, I do admit that Jackie is a somewhat complicated character but that's no excuse for not even trying to get the job done.

    And if there's something more disappointing than Christy's performance that would be the pathetic acting of Ross Thomas. What were they thinking? That guy not only had no understanding of the character he was playing, but his acting skill is also quite questionable after such a poor performance.

    Sounds bad, doesn't it? Well, here comes the good news. The script by Dan Berendsen is actually pretty good. There are lots of fresh ideas, directed nicely by Sean McNamara. He didn't really manage to catch the spirit of the big tournament, but this time the script's not all about the Olympics anyway.

    The rest of the cast did what they could and really deserve admirations for their effort. Very likable performance by Scott Baker and maybe even Christine Lakin, although her part was too small to actually appreciate the actress' skill.

    Well, looking at what I've written so far, I must admit that it sounds much worse than I thought it would. I did enjoy the movie, but I suppose I'm too much of a figure skating fan, so those movies come with some extra magic even if almost everything else goes wrong.

    -- Blady