• those of you who think this is a bad movie either think that because you have terrible taste or you think you're too cool for ridiculous humor. If you've seen this movie you know it's funny. If you haven't seen this movie then you should rent it and you will enjoy it, but if you want to enjoy it more rent it and get yourself a fifth of wild turkey while your out... then you can have a great part. P.S. Paul walker is baller, even and especially in this movie. Phil and Stu deedle are two surf bums who end up working at a national park and dealing with a prarie dog infestation. They have to portray themselves as experts in the field so that they can keep their cover, escape from a crazy ex-camp leader and continue to receive free lodging. How does this premise not even make you laugh just by the sound of it? This movie is also awesome because it has insane slang from the ninety's that will crack you up