• John Fante wrote a great book called ask the dust and Hollywood Screenwriter Robert Towne managed to make an efficient translation of The eclectic novel into the big screen.

    Relying on the powerful performances of his cast, the film depends mostly on the background of Los Angeles as the magnificent city of Dreams and ambition where lonely souls collide day after day.

    I particularly loved the way racism is portrayed on the film, not in The melodramatic way of last year's crash but as disease.

    Salma Hayek is terrific as the smoldering Camilla Lopez, a temptress Decided to rise above her status by marrying a blond American. Colin Farrell is subtle and sincere as the complex Arturo Bandini (one of his Best performances to date). Idina Menzel steals the show in her brief Scenes.

    Overall, the film loses when it goes far apart from the novel but the Final product is so exceptionally crafted that are willing to forgive The writer.