• This is without doubt one of the most awful piles of crap I have had the misfortune to watch in many years. Where to start? We start off with a 2 dimensional baddie trying to scupper a democratic vote. Why?, who is going to gain from this? - who cares? - no explanation is given. The accession of California into the union is a victory for democracy unless of course you are a native American but I wouldn't expect such an ideologically idiotic film to even 'tip its hat' in that direction.

    Next - this is supposed to be 1850 - I will come back to this in a minute. Cue next baddie - Count Armand, a Frenchman (there's a surprise) who is part of a European conspiracy to destroy the United States. His plan is to supply the Confederate Army (in 1850?) with some bottles of Nitroglycerine so that they can defeat someone (presumably the United States Army - in 1850?) Sounds like an idiotic plan to me. There is a scene where the European baddies are in a room listening to this plan, The English representative gets up and says he wants nothing to do with it whereupon he is killed by the Frenchman. The English are loyal to the US - the French its implacable enemies. Of course less then 100 years before these ludicrous events the French were very much the allies of the fledgling US but, never mind.

    Shades of the UN security council I think - transparently so. Of course Democracy wins and the 'Old Europe' (to use Donnie R's phrase) baddies are defeated.

    The best thing I can say about this film is that it is a waste of electricity. The worst is that it panders to (and reflects) the worst American Conservative drivel which is dangerous and just plain stupid.