• Warning: Spoilers
    OK, I'll admit I am only slightly familiar with Barnaby Jones, but thats a good thing! I watched this series vary sparingly as a pre teen and for me to remember much of it would mean I led a really dull childhood. I gather it was there to appeal to the seniors, Lord knows why I would watch it. I guess I'd watch any Quinn Martin production at that time (Cannon I do remember, that fat guy would blast away!). I was a BIG Beverly Hillbillies fan so I guess thats why I would watch ol Barnaby in action. Some thoughts, Barnaby was up there in the years so I don't remember a whole lot of fist a cuffs, or long running chases, I don't even remember him shooting anyone (but he may have), I think one look of him pointing a gun at you would make you think him saying "look Mister, I've got one foot in the grave anyway, I'll take you down with me if you make a move". But good ol Barnaby was always cool to think about when he'd be looking for that information at a bar, he'd always order a glass of milk, OH BROTHER! THATS CLASSIC, LOL. Buddy your one of the best!

    UPDATE! 2014. CBS released this show on DVD so I got a chance to catch up with Buddy and I realized at least one thing. This show had long legs because if you look at it when it originally aired in the 1970's, CBS ran this show at 10 pm on Sundays it's first few seasons then 10pm on Thursday nights the rest of it's run. IT WAS AN EXCELLENT SLEEPING AID! Seriously, I watched the pilot first episode with Frank Cannon (who is another hoot, the guy never misses with a snub nose .38 no matter how far away he is), and even with Frank involved this show is a serious snoozer! Then I watched the next episode from season 1 with William Shatner as the bad guy and I drew this conclusion. Barnaby got the stupid murderers with high expectations but little thought process involved. Besides being boring, this show has lame stupid villains. More power to it's long run but I'm pretty sure it was old people tuning in that felt comfortable watching Buddy while they fell asleep after 10pm with the TV on. That milk thing was probably something subliminal to put the viewer to sleep. Seriously. 4 of 10, it's so boring that the retro stuff doesn't even work here, try Cannon, Mannix, Hawaii 5 0, Hill Street Blues, Kojak, Streets Of San Francisco, Ironside, Berretta, Columbo, Starsky and Hutch, I mean any of those shows blow away watching Barnaby Jones. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.