• I saw this film at a screening in Washington, DC a few days before it aired on HBO. This film is just a stunning piece of historical re-enactment. It tells the story of the student walkouts in Los Angeles in 1968. It is a chapter in the history for equal education and civil rights that deserves to be better known. Fortunately Walkout does a great job of telling this true and heartfelt story about young people standing up for their dignity and for their future. The cast is quite good and believable. I felt moved to experience what life was like in the late 1960s for Latinos. I know this is try because I heard the stories from my older brother and peers. They lived through many of these indignities and it was great to have Walkout tell the story to many who don't know it. See this movie if you want to know how we have come to be a bit more equal and to see the power of people standing for what is right...Justice.