• I am 41 years old. I went to Griffith Jr. high and graduated from Montebello HS in 1982. (I barely graduated, got pregnant and married by age 19, typical story of a non-informed, non-motivated Mexican/American youth). My best friend went to Roosevelt HS and my boyfriend (at the time) went to Garfield HS. I am amazed and outraged that I had never heard of this "walk out" until just last night (3/22/06). I just happened to be scrolling through the movies to watch on HBO. I read the description of the movie and was intrigued. Why was this not in the history books? or even spoken to us as students in the community from our teachers, counselors, mentors, etc? It's just another kick in the #@%! This movie should be shown to all students in Jr. High and High school, especially in heavy Chicano communities. As a matter of fact, I am going to sit through it again with my two nieces (8 & 11 years old) and my 21 year old daughter (she graduated "magna cum laude" from La Salle HS, is now graduating next June from Cal Poly Pomona and will be entering Pepperdine University to accomplish her Masters Degree…how proud is this (divorced) mother! ..a "former" non-informed, non-motivated Mexican/American youth).

    Yes, the movie itself wasn't the best, the acting was okay, the SUV in the background (…1968)…..But lets look at the bigger picture. The story. The true story and it's meaning. It is such an important part of our history, so profound and full of inspiration.