• Warning: Spoilers
    I was surprised by the level of enjoyment that "Hajen som visste för mycket" (The Shark That Knew Too Much) provides. It provides a perfect overall comment on society. Through an original, creative and funny story it mocks the world of money and looks. What lends endurance to this film is the comedy of which many alternating forms are used; physical, intelligent, sarcastic, silly - all forms original. Having watched other TV series and films by Galenskaparna, such as "Macken," "En Himla Många Program" and "Leif" I was also surprised by the budget of this film; a lot of money and work has been used for stunts and special effects to make the film look more expensive than any of Galenskaparna's work I've seen. The story never halts or abates - it evolves at a fast pace throughout the film. It is somewhat of a musical, and as always the musical arrangements are impressive (regardless of the very late 80's overall sound.)