• ...meaning her father is Filipino and her mother is a Chicana? Or is she full-blooded Filipina, because the real Paula looked totally Malay to me?

    BTW...There are Filipinos of Mexican(Indios and Meztisos)ancestry so having a Latino looking Filipino father is not so far off...how you say? Nueva Espana(Mexico) governed the Philippines for over 300 years with most of the colonizers from Mexico. Philippines culture has a distinctly Mexican flavor...The Virgen De Guadalupe is the Philippine's Patron Saint... Filipino language is peppered with Nahuatl words...customs and traditions are Mexican/Spanish in origin (Dia De Los Muertos, e.g.)

    I give the actor credit with the somewhat Filipino accent ("I'm prum the Peeleepeens")

    I enjoyed the movie, even though it was kinda fluffy. It should have been more gritty and blood-spattered(come on, they were hit with batons on the head!)

    Over all, it was a stirring movie that made me want to go out protest something!