• Warning: Spoilers
    Erm...yes. Richard Dean Anderson's departure could have mortally wounded the show but along came Ben Browder and saved the day. He does not try to duplicate the performance of RDA but simply carve a whole new character. But I am not just focusing on season 9 and how the show pulled its tail out of the fire. Sure season nine had everyone on the edge of their seats but we must not forget the other eight seasons Stargatey goodness. People say that with a single "big bad" running through the series (the Goa'uld) every episode is the same. Shame on them. The writing manages to maintain variety, you never know what those slimy galaxy dominating people possessing little critters will do next. People said the Ori are basically the Goa'uld spelt differently, I am not going to argue, watch season nine and you will find they are completely different in every way (the whole false god thing aside). I just have one thing to say, don't do a Star Trek, this show has another season or two left in it, but when it starts to flounder, don't do it a disservice by squeezing every last penny from it.