• When I bought this DVD (also containing "The Alpha Incident") I was hoping for some good campy sci-fi. I was not disappointed with "Capture of Bigfoot". It had a few moments of really nice photography, filmed in some snowy northern area. I appreciated the fact that it was real snow in real cold (plumes of car/truck exhaust and lots of steaming breath as people talked). Any high budget film would have created plastic snow on a set. The only downsides for me were that 1 - almost anybody could have done a better voice for the creature, and 2 - the Olson character was unbelievably mean, but in the movie's defense, he was supposed to be as mad as Ahab. But these did not detract too much from the movie for me.

    Also, I disagree with all those who liked "The Alpha Incident" better. For me, this film was much more enjoyable.