• Warning: Spoilers
    Suffering ties that bind is a cool game to play. I liked the first one as well as the second installment. I really enjoy the interactions the characters have with Torque during non-play sequences or story mode (whatever it's called). All good sequels should employ the old/new formula and this one does that. Those annoying Mainliners and Slayers are back as well as a couple of other creatures from the original. This new version also employs some new creatures or malefactors as they are referred to. One of my favorite new creatures is the Supressor(s) because they are so creepy and deadly. They project an evil, eerie vibe as they haul around their obese, legless bodies leaving a trail of blood in their wake, all the while grunting and breathing heavily. The actors doing the voices were very good as well. I was unaware that "real" actors were used. I always thought they just grabbed one of the techs and gave him some lines to read or that the creators just did the voices themselves. I liked Consuela and Blackmore from Ties that bind but the gas chamber ghost guy from the first one is still my favorite actor/character in the series. He was chilling and had some cool lines, I think his name was Hermes: "I grow weary of this game..." Speaking of which, I like how the bosses taunt and talk to you as they are trying to kill you.Ties that bind is interesting in that all of the bosses are fought at the end as opposed to during different stages of the game as is the traditional formula. Speaking of the bosses they were difficult to defeat, not so much the bosses themselves, but the creatures that surround the bosses and come in endless supply are what makes fighting the bosses difficult and frustrating. Especially on the final stage fighting Blackmore. Even with cheat codes it is far too time consuming and difficult to defeat Blackmore, but hey, maybe it's just me, so get other people's comments as well. In all, I thought the game was very fun, just like the first one. My only complaint is the difficult final stage. I look forward to Suffering 3.