• Warning: Spoilers
    Location scenes at the beginning at Marsden with the (now gone) Marsden Pit Village and Souter Point Lighthouse in background. Typically good performance by Patrick McGoohan as a zealous, if misguided, physician. Excellent performance by Michael Craig playing a father torn between his love for his daughter and his religious belief. Disappointing performance by Janet Munro coming off her starring role in "Derby O'Gill and the Little People".

    Craig refuses a life-saving blood transfusion for his daughter who is injured in a boating accident and she dies from her injuries. McGoohan spurs a legal investigation and Craig is brought to trial for the manslaughter of his daughter. Amazing how ones prejudices change from the beginning of the movie to the end! In a climactic ending, Craig is found innocent of manslaughter but renounces his innocence and tries to commit suicide.

    The tone of the movie is highlighted by the dreariness of the early '60's working class lifestyle in the Northeast of England, a dreariness accentuated by the black and white filming.

    "His action - guilty as hell; his reason - innocent as heaven itself."