• Warning: Spoilers
    After all these years, I was finally able to catch this flick on TCM. Certainly, I had read the scathing reviews, and heard about the possibly creepy conclusion. Overall, the film comes across as a standard, well-made Warners B-movie - great production values, stereotypical supporting performances and adequate leading actors. The presence of Reagan and Temple are really all this film has going for it - a casting curiosity. The story is a tad risqué for 1947, but the ending is in no way disturbing - it is quite clear that Bates and Hagen are not related. Granted, their romance in the final reel comes out of left field, and I cannot recall any instance of an implied physical attraction between the two. No, it doesn't deserve a ranking in any "worst" catch-all, but neither is it a "good" movie. Worth a viewing.