• Bret, Beau,Bart & Ben Maverick were charming rogues who roamed the frontier in search of riches, pretty gals , or both. The original 1950's series featured excellent writing, great casting and a tongue in cheek approach to a fading genre. Long before Mel Gibson's remake film, this 1970's series attempted to produce that same magic. They completely failed to do so.

    One problem with the series is the casting of Charles Frank in the title role. He tries to carry on the Maverick torch, but lacked the charisma and roguishness of Jim Garner, Jack Kelly or Roger Moore. The scripts were hit and miss, with a few entertaining episodes. One writer was David Peckinpah, nephew of the famed Director/Writer Sam Peckinpah.

    This series was barely average, check out the original series instead .