• The humor in Clone High is nothing short of perfect. I don't watch TV. However, stumbling upon Clone High is quite honestly one of the greatest accidents I've made when it comes to giving something a chance.

    The show is primarily a comedy, and a very effective one at that. The show is at it's best when the characters are throwing "emotionally charged" speeches at one another about love and betrayal (Abe:"You sent me up the river" Joan:"That may be, but I sent you up that river with my heart as a paddle" Abe:"But you smacked me in the face with that paddle...").

    The show also uses several different forms of humor. It can be subtle, blunt, random, delightfully repetitive or utterly ridiculous.

    The thing that I found most enjoyable about the show is the fact that it really does say a lot about what it's like to be so close to being grown up, but still a way's off. Joan is so obsessed with her best friend, Abe that she doesn't realize her own independence. Abe is so infatuated with Cleo that he doesn't even consider Joan's love. Ghandi is so fixated on being popular, Cleo is so fixated on herself, JFK is so fixated on women.

    It really says something about the attention spans of young adults and how they miss out on such obvious opportunities to be happy. At the same time Clone High makes such good fun of what it's like to be in that stage of a person's life.

    Overall, Clone High does for High School what Clerks did for part-time jobs. Not only is the show hilarious, but it's actually smarter than it appears at first glance and a very worthy addition to an excellent DVD collection.