• This show is SO funny. I love it. But when is it going to go back on air?? I really want it to be back on. They should have a new season and stuff. This show is the best! I don't know what to say other than I love it. This show should be on more often and at better times. But a better time would actually be on air! Everyone should watch it so it becomes a big hit, like Family Guy. My brother and I used o watch all the time a long time ago, but then it went off air. But when it came back on people started watching it, and now it's really popular, like Clone High should be. Watch Clone High! Why does this have to be ten(10) lines long. This show is really good. Clone High is the best. This show it so funny. Please, please, please go back on air! It's on Teletoon, for those of you who don't know. Go watch it! (when it comes back on air). It should really go back on air! I'm serious! It is one of, no it is my favorite show!