• I was surprised by this movie. I only saw the last 45 minutes of it, but it really grabbed me. Not only because of the very disturbing story, but also because of the, at some stages, incredible acting by Juliette Lewis.

    Amanda and Billy/Juliette and Brad in this movie must have been the model for the trailer park couple in "Kalifornia". I found Kalifornia much less disturbing despite the in-your-face violence displayed by Brad's character there. I guess this is because "Too young to die?" was produced before the era of quick camera action. The slow pace of the film reminded me of "Badlands", with the same emptiness and destructive path, except that in "Too young to die" there's absolutely no romance involved. In a merciless way, it is outlining the destructive path that Amanda is on, with no one to help.

    This is one of those films that stick, even with 45 minutes captured of it. And that's what movie experience is about.

    Nice to see both Brad and Juliette at an early stage of their careers, clearly lying the foundation for their later roles (Brad as cowboy with Gena Davis in ..., Juliette with De Niro in Cape Fear and with Woody in Natural Born Killers).