• The Magic of Marciano is a tale about a boy who is trying to make sense of his world while reflecting on the state of his Mother and her abusive boyfriend. It was a pleasure to see Nastassja Kinski make an impression in a later film. The camera enjoys her. A rarity in film.

    The film is important because it shows us a world that truly exists for many single children living within a miserable world of their parents adolescent decisions. It is important because it captures the reasons for the parents demise so we must decide how we solve this situation for healthy growth in our children.

    We must rely on hope that something magical will happen. The film is subtle in its reflection on a 10 year old's perspective and yet those subtleties are heavy handed when you truly think about it. This kid was fortunate.

    Sometimes, you need to give up what you have to get what you need. Marciano is a good man and possesses a philosophy that many of us should pay heed to in today's world.