• Warning: Spoilers
    This direct sequel to "Debbie Does New Orleans" isn't quite as good as its precursor, but I could be biased against it because Blair Segal only features in one scene. It also seems to be trying to make a weird moral point that doesn't really work.

    To recap: Ex-cheerleader Debbie (Sky, aka Sky Lopez) is stuck in a dead-end job and a dead-end marriage to a cheating Bobby Vitale, who clearly doesn't appreciate the sacrifices she's made for him. (The fact that said sacrifices involved her having adulterous sex herself is conveniently ignored.) So when she gets an offer to come out and coach a team of collegiate (I presume) cheerleaders in Iowa, she jumps at the chance and also jumps the bones of the two guys who made the offer.

    While Debbie's ... unusual (for the real world, if not pornoland) cheerleading tactics result in the football team having an incredibly winning season, they also get her in trouble with more conservative elements in her new town. Weirdly, the film seems to be siding with the conservative elements! In fact, Debbie ends up "happily" married to a farmer, and we're supposed to think that she'll be cheerfully monogamous from now on. Yet the film concludes with her staring at piles of dirty dishes with a decidedly ambivalent expression on her face, as though she's thinking, I gave up cheerleading and wild wild sex for this?

    Aside from the already mentioned threesome, none of the scenes really stand out. And criminally, Blair Segal (playing a different character than she played in "Debbie Does New Orleans") doesn't get it on with Debbie, and her one scene isn't terribly engaging either.