• Warning: Spoilers
    First thing I want to say is why have one of the finest singers alive, Brian Stokes Mitchell in a musical in a non singing role? I was sure somewhere in the story Mama Ross was going to say she met her husband singing in a band and perhaps we would see some flashbacks. No he was a Saxaphone player. What were they thinking? Maybe because he sings to well. The movie involves Diana Ross who abandons her daughter and hubby to find fame. I think she looks very good but I am not buying her being Brandy's mother. I think she is a little too old for the part. Other then that I think she does a pretty good job. She comes back years later to reclaim her daughter. Why Diana is still wearing that weave only she knows, Her wig when she was younger looked much better. Brandy who is very pleasant but IMO has a very weak voice, but no worse then the current teen queens Hillary Duff and Lindsey Lohan. But Brandy has something very endearing about her that IMO puts her above most of the teen queens.

    She is angry, she comes to NY, she makes a record, she meets a boyfriend who is a dog, she moves out of her mothers Penthouse, she becomes a star, she gets hurt by her boyfriend and comes back to mommy in a big long bonding scene in cabin. Everything ends well but what happened to her father and her best friend? They vanish just like mommy did years earlier.

    Why Roger Rees and Harvey Fierstine and Chritina Ebersole is in this bit of fluff Lord only knows. They have three four of the biggest Broadway stars in the flick and you hardly see them. it was like they were friends of Diana and decided to do the movie as a favor for her.

    If you have a few hours to waste this is a OK movie. I must d there was a scene when Brnady's record is played on the radio for the first time. A obligatory scene in movies of this type. Well Diana goes to wake randy up so she can her her song on the radio, Brandy asks Diana what is this is this Mommie Dearest. I died I wish more lines were as clever as that one.