• 7 July 2006
    This movie had some humor but I feel the generic family stuff overrode it. And the generic family plot wasn't even that good or interesting. It was barely developed throughout the movie. In bits and pieces it was but throughout, no.

    Adam Sandler looked sort of out of it during the movie. He brought more energy to his earlier comic roles (Billy Madison, Happy Gillmore) in the mid 90s.

    Not a recommended movie.

    The advertisement of this movie was also bad. It focused on the remote too much and it made the movie seem like a Rob Schneider (insert random dumb role) movie, except instead of a random dumb role it was just "look, now Adam Sandler has a remote control, see what he can do" movie. The only reason I saw this movie was because I walked out of Superman, which was even worse than this movie.