• Warning: Spoilers
    Lots of caper films came out in the 60's, many of them quite good, and this one is no exception. Delon plays a detached, ice-cold thief who is facing jail time for two cop killings when he is rescued by Gabin and his family of larcenists. They want his expertise in helping them steal a large, very expensive jewelry collection. Gabin introduces him to his sizable family of a wife, two sons, a daughter, a son-in-law, a grandchild and a daughter-in-law (Demick) who seems instantaneously taken with Delon. Chaplin comes on board as an assistant for the big job. As the title clan puts their plan together, intrepid police inspector Ventura doggedly pursues the trail, turning up bits of evidence among such folks as drug addicts and pin-up photographers. Delon's sister (Blanguernon) also awaits word from him, her feet seemingly cemented to the floor in front of the cash register she operates at a coffee shop 24/7! Delon aggravates Gabin with his penchant for sneaking out of their compound and potentially ruining the scheme. When Gabin's old pal from America notes how virtually impossible the original plan is, Gabin opts to try an even riskier approach which involves hijacking a plane! Unfortunately, even if the plan goes well, a few missteps on Delon's part could wind up costing him Gabin's loyalty. There are more than a few fanciful escapades in this film, not the least of which is Delon's escape from custody at the start. Still, it's a staple of the genre for there to be extraordinary use of equipment and perilous close calls. The quirky nature of the script is accented by Morricone's music, which features a mouth harp twanging occasionally. Gabin, an important fixture of the French cinema, makes an imposing and powerful patriarch. Delon is well cast as the aimless scoundrel who fails to use good judgement. Ventura, another popular actor in France, is appropriately low-key and sober as he tracks down the gang while trying to avoid smoking. Demick, who Darryl F. Zanuck attempted to turn into a Hollywood star, is attractive and reasonably solid in her role. It's an interesting grab bag of sequences with a nice amount of action, suspense and good character work. Keeping with the French style, there are also a few dollops of nudity from one of Delon's bedmates and whomever doubled for Miss Demick on the beach (Delon also strips down to some dinky white briefs for a scene.)