• "You Stupid Man" isn't exactly a ground breaking film, the lead man of the movie isn't considered to be Hollywood's best, but what makes this movie work is the story. It's not complicated, it's something we all can see this happening to ourselves at one point or another. What I also loved about this movie was the cohesiveness of the film. The dialogue didn't seem scripted, at times it felt like they had a cameraman just following them around and seeing what would happen. The magic really happens once Jovovich hits the screen, if anyone ever criticized her acting ability then they really need to see this movie. The way her and David Krumholtz chemistry come together really made it seem like they really "disliked" each other, and at times, really "loved" each other. Denise Richards does a great job portraying the confused girlfriend who has yet to come to terms of who she really is and William Baldwin balances things out by playing the rude over the line older brother who doesn't really give a crap about rules. How the story plays out is rather interesting but once things get complicated it kind of blands out for a bit. Luckily not for long. Overall a great movie, whether you're on a date or just relaxing at home. I don't say this very much but I really really enjoyed this movie.


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